Sunday, August 16, 2009

Most Embarrassing Moments

Did you ever have a most embarrassing moment that you wish never happened? Here are three embarrassing moments from my younger days that I want to share with you.

When I was around 12 or 13, we had a family get together at one of my aunt and uncle's house. It was a nice summer day and we were having a cookout. Many of my family members were sitting out under a group of shade trees, talking and joking around with each other.

Me and my cousins, Diana and Karen, decided we wanted to swim in our aunt and uncle's pool. I didn't have bathing suit so I borrowed one from my aunt Lorraine. (This turned out not to be such a good idea, let's just say that she had a lot more on top than me).

The three of us were having a good time playing and splashing around in the pool. We had a beach ball that we were hitting back and forth to each other. I jumped up to hit the ball and went under when I landed. When I stood up, I had water streaming into my eyes and I couldn't see (side not, I am also very near sighted and without my glasses, I'm blind as a bat). I was close enough that I could see and hear Diana and Karen laughing their a**** off. I asked them, " What's so funny?"

They didn't answer me, they just kept on laughing. Water from my hair was still running into my eyes and I still wasn't able to see anything. I was also still trying to figure out what they thought was so funny. I could see some of the other family members sitting outside were staring at me, too. I still didn't know why until my aunt Barbara hollered from the back porch step, "Hey, Lana, are you going to stand around all day with your boobs hanging out?"

I looked down and to my horror the bathing suit top had gone to the middle and sure enough my breasts were hanging out for everyone to see. I quickly pulled the bathing suit top back over them and gave my two cousins (who were still falling over laughing) dirty looks. My aunt Barbara pinned the bathing suit top real tight for me and it stayed in place for the rest of the time I was swimming.

I can laugh about this now but at the time I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me.

The next embarrassing moment happened about four or five years later when I was in high school. My boyfriend, Blake was at my house and we were in my room listening to music. My parents had gone to bed early (my dad was and still is, a truck driver for McKee) because my dad had to leave out the next day. My sister, Lisa and our cousin, Diana were in the living room watching tv.

It was about ten o'clock when someone knocked on my bedroom door. I thought it might be one of the girls but imagine my surprise and shock when I open the door and see my mom standing there - - naked! I tried to keep myself in front of her so Blake can't see her. My mom was looking at me like I was stupid as I bobbed around trying to stay in front of her.

She said, "You need to turn that music down. It's too loud and I can't sleep." (Side note here, our stereo console was one that was in a cabinet, it was about three feet long and a foot wide. It had a record player, radio and an 8-track tape player (some of you may be too young and don't know what this was, lol). It was located by bedroom door.) My mom reaches around me, turns the music down and that is when she sees Blake lying on my bed. She turns beet red and hurries back to her room across the hall.

I turn around to see that Blake has his head leaned back on my bed with one arm thrown over his eyes. His face is as red as my mom's was. I knew without being told that he'd seen my mom naked. I could hear Lisa and Karen in the lviving room laughing. They had seen everything.

After Blake left, my mom came into the living room where all us girls were. She asked Lisa and Karen why they didn't tell her Blake was still in my room. They said they tried to but she was so mad she didn't hear them. It seems my mom thought it was after midnight and that Blake had already left.

For many years after this, it embarrassed my mom and my boyfriend (he ended up being my husband of course, now he is my ex-husband) to mention this. At the time when it happened, I didn't think it was funny but now I can look back and laugh about it. I have even told my kids the story of their dad seeing their grandma naked. They think it's pretty funny, too.

The last embarrassing moment I am going to share with you happened when I was 10 yrs old. I had been outside playing and when I came in, my dad was sitting on the couch in just his underwear reading a newspaper. He was scratching himself and I said quite casuallhy to him as I walked on to my room, "Whatcha doing, dad, masturbating?"

Mind you I didn't know what this word meant. I had just finished reading the book Summer of '42. Hermie and his buddies did this in the book but I only thought it meant scratching, I had no idea, at the time, what it meant. (Side note: If you have never read this book or watched the movie, you should, they are both very good.)

My mom came to my room and asked me if I knew what that word meant. When she told me, I never wanted to face my dad again. I couldn't BELIEVE I had asked my dad if he was doing that. It took a while for me to look my dad in the eyes. I wonder if he even remembers it? I'm hoping that he doesn't.

Years later, my mom told me that when I said that to my dad ,his eyes bugged out and his face turned bright red. I wish now I could have seen it. I bet it was a funny sight.

Thanks for reading this. I hope you got a laugh out of it. Once again, I have changed all names to protect the innocent. If you'd like to share your most embarrassing moments stories with me, I'd love to read them :o)

This would also make a great writing prompt or exercise. So sit down and think about your own most embarrassing moment(s). Even if you never share it with anyone, it might get your creative juices flowing. It sure did mine :o) You never know, you might be able to incorporate an embarrassing moment into one of your fiction stories.

Have a great day and keep on writing :o)


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